Thank You (pt.3)

Every now and then you’re gonna have one of those days at work where everything seems to be goin wrong. What can you do? What helps me get through the day is pray and spend time with Yahweh (God of Israel)read his word each day after you wake up and get ready for work. If … More Thank You (pt.3)

Thank You (Pt.2)

The Domino Effect at work You’ve heard of The Circle of Life. Well There is a circle at work. Everyone must do their part in helping others. Whether it may be custodial, flippin burgers, workin in an offices, paralegals, cops, nurse’s, doctor’s. Every field of every job discription is to help others. There really is … More Thank You (Pt.2)

Thank You (Pt.1)

Do you have a mundane boring 9-5 job that you hate? I did. Until today I was questioned. Let me tell you what exactly I do for a livin’. I am a Janitor at a University. Yup. The one that cleans dorms after messy college students leave. I clean bathrooms. Not fun. I hated every … More Thank You (Pt.1)