Why massage is beneficial to your horse’s health

Your horse is a 1200 lb athlete. He/she is all muscle to share and enjoy a unique sport with you. (I enjoy trails and barrel racing)

After a weekend (or week) of competing it’s time you treat yourself to a spa day. You get the works. Full body massage, mud bath, mani and pedi. We spoil ourselves after strenuous amount of hard work(hauling hay, lifting those 50 lb bags of feed, hauling water buckets to and from the water hose). We treat ourselves to nice massage at the spa. Why not your horse?

The health benefits in the long run to book an appointment with an(me pick me) Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist for horse is in simply the scientific stats that benefits your horse in every way.
 Here are a few questions/answers I put together if your interest is piqued.

Some scientific research data and links on the scientific benefits of Equine Massage Therapy.  



why should my horse get a massage?   It is scientifically proven that it opens the pathways of blood flow within the body. Let’s say your horse needs Chiropractic care, before his/work work on your horse a massage loosens the muscles and blood flow to a chiropractor’s work and makes it easier on him. Same with a Veterinarian. 

When should my horse get a massage? A change in behavior, after a long competitive week/wknd, when your horse becomes stiff, lazy, lack of performance. Always consult with your Veterinarian if there might be an underline issue. 

My Vet said I can only get a referral/prescribed massage by a licensed Veterinarian. This can be true in some states, but in the state of Oklahoma this is false. A Certified Equine Massage Therapist can do bodywork on your horse with/or without a Vet referrel. Altho, In most cases I’d advise a Vet referrel as I will work with Veterinarians. I do have liability insurance and will have you sign it before I begin massage.